How To Make Money On Live Sports Betting


Live bets are bets that users place directly during a match. The statistics of bookmakers claim that about ninety percent of bettors have tried real-time bets at least once. You can place a live bet at most online bookmakers. The leading bookmakers are especially careful in developing a live line: they can track the slightest changes on the sports ground and promptly adjust the odds and outcomes.

Are live bets suitable for beginners?

The first thing to remember: live is a blitz game, a competition in the speed of decision-making between a player and an employee of the bookmaker's office. Moreover, the employee is a professional, often with many years of experience.

Experienced players, acting according to their strategy, can raise good money on live bets, even if they lose some of the outcomes. Beginners often do not have time, cannot find their bearings, and, as a result, risk losing the entire game bank.

What to bet on live

Each player has their own favorite sport. Someone understands all the intricacies of football or hockey, someone makes passing predictions for tennis or basketball. Many experienced players specialize in one sport, less often there are betters who are equally successful in two sports disciplines.

Choosing a bookmaker

Selecting a bookmaker for real-time betting is different from a prematch. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

The speed of placing bets and the stability of the odds. If the bets are accepted with delays, there is a risk to bet at different odds than you saw on the screen. Uninterrupted access. If during the process of placing a bet, the site "falls" or goes into blocking, you will not be able to conclude a deal on time. Support for betting from mobile devices. Most of the major bookmakers offer gadget apps for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android.

Thanks to this, users can place bets in real-time not only using a desktop computer but also from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile sports betting app which is almost always at hand. There are many bookmakers that you can find here 먹튀검증업체, the Korean sports community, that offer betting applications.

How to make live bets

The first thing to do is to develop a strategy. For most players, one of the safe strategies will work - for example, a fixed percentage or a fixed bet amount.

In the future, it is necessary to adhere to the chosen strategy for a given period of time. Sometimes there is a desire to put more. For example, if in a football or hockey match, one of the teams loses 3-4 minutes before the end of the game. Or if a tennis player loses 1: 4 in a set. If you want to receive a stable income from sports betting, do not increase the rate: even at the last minute, the hockey team can get together and hammer 2-3 goals to the opponent.

You should not use primitive theories: if the hockey team won the first period or the tennis player took the first set, then the outcome of the match is clear. The game continues throughout the entire competition, and there is no 100% certainty of the outcome until the last blow.