Scorer Bets: Tips And Tricks


Have you played almost all types of outcome bets, and want to change something new? Perhaps, all you have left are the scorer bets. Goalkeeper bets represent a particular and very risky type of play.

Scorer Betting: How Does It Work?

Goalkeeper bets are a very popular type of bet. It’s a fun bet that requires great knowledge of the team you’re watching, as well as forecasting skills. And before you get started with the betting, you must choose a reliable bookmaker here 먹튀검증업체 and place your bets online. However, at the same time, it represents one of the most difficult plays, because football is unpredictable and potentially any player on the team could score.

The main categories of scorer bets are basically three and we show them below:

Bet on the first scorer. As the name suggests, a bet is placed on which player will score the first goal of the match. First scorer odds are usually quite high, precisely because it represents a difficult play to guess.

Bet on the last scorer. A bet perhaps even more difficult than the previous one: you bet on who can be the player to score the last goal of the match. Also in this case, given the difficulty of the game, the odds are usually very high and can represent an excellent opportunity for those who love risk.

Scorer bet yes/no. This bet represents the most widespread and “achievable” of the scorer bets. The bettor will have to decide whether a particular player will score in a match or not. Statistically, it is an easier play, but given the unpredictability of football, you still risk losing it.

Other particular scorer bets could be a player’s double / hat-trick: clearly the difficulty of the game increases, therefore the odds rise significantly.

Scorer bets: the factors to consider

Knowing the scorer is the first, essential requirement for scorer bets. The key questions to ask are: how many goals did that player score? How often do you score? These are obvious questions, it is true, but for those who are not aware of these details, it could be really useful to inquire. Study the history of the player or players you want to bet on, how many goals they have scored and how often they score. Then consider any recoveries from injuries and the like: the first game after an injury could be difficult and subdued for the player.

Don’t underestimate the knowledge of the team your scorer plays on. Very often, for example, a striker doesn’t play just to score: maybe he plays for the team, preferring assists and sides for teammates. If the team plays for the attacker, it might be interesting to bet on that player.

The league is another choice factor for the bet. Playing at home against a low-mid-ranking team is the ideal opportunity to score if we are talking about more or less strong teams in which particularly prolific forwards play. In these games, even if football is strange and unpredictable, it will be much easier for the home team to score.

Don’t limit yourself to just the attackers. Do not forget that there are defenders and midfielders who are particularly skilled in taking free-kicks, in corner-kicking headers, or inoffensive forays. Betting on free-kick hitters is a little easier, while for defenders skilled at headers, the bet becomes difficult.

What happens if the scorer doesn’t play?

It is one of the questions that cause bettors the most concern. You have placed a bet on a scorer, but at the time of the official formations you have discovered that he does not play and, in the course of the game, has never been put on the field. Or, just before the game that player got injured, so he definitely won’t play. What happens in these cases?

Well, don’t worry. Normally the stake is refunded: on the other hand, these are situations that do not take into account the gambling risk and inevitably go against the will of the bettor. As already pointed out, the player must not take the field throughout the game: if he enters the field even for just a few minutes, the bet will be considered valid and certified.

Similarly, finally, if you place bets on the scorer of the first or second half, the amounts bet will normally be refunded if the player does not take part in the first or second half.

After discovering our tips and tricks on scorer bets, you just have to make your bets, always remembering to play responsibly.