8 Important Criteria When Choosing An Online Bookmaker


Choosing a bookmaker is a crucial question that can completely transform the curve of your results in the positive as in the negative. The temptation to make money online sometimes leads bettors to be careless.

What Is a Bookmaker?

The role of a bookmaker or simply a sports betting site is to offer odds to entice bettors to their money. The amount of the odds will determine the expectation of winning. If the event on which the bettor is betting occurs, the bookmaker pays the bettor money.

8 Important Criteria When Choosing an Online Bookmaker

It is above all a rule of common sense. Certain precautions are especially relevant when seeking to register with foreign bookmakers.

1. Reputation and Security

Trust is the criterion par excellence. You must be sure that your winning bets will be credited and that your withdrawal requests will be accepted.

It is very important to be aware of the general conditions. Therefore, we recommend you to visit this 먹튀검증사이트 sports information website to find reputed and safe betting websites.

The safest way is to bet on a sports betting site who has a gambling license in your country of residence. If not, you will not be able to rely on the laws of your country to resolve a dispute and recover your funds. It is for this reason that frauds are easy to set up for bookmakers.

2. The Odds Value

It is important to bet on the bookmaker that offers the highest odds. Better odds can dramatically improve your performance. The spread between bookmakers' odds can be particularly high!

It is possible to use an online odds comparator to choose the best odds.

3. The Bet Limit

Rare are the bookmakers who accept big bets and this can be a real constraint for big bettors.

Winning bettors will also be subject to betting limits preventing them from betting correctly.

Fortunately, there are bookmakers like Pinnacle and betting exchanges that accept both big bets and winning bettors.

4. The Types of Sports betting

The offer of bookmakers is not equal. Some bookmakers only have a very limited selection of sports (three or four) and types of bets, while others offer, like 1xBet, bets on all types of sports. It is even possible to bet on the weather!

Some bookmakers do not offer live betting, but only before a match. Others also offer streaming which is very convenient.

5. Deposit and Withdrawal

You should also consider the deposit methods accepted by bookmakers, as well as any fees.

Some bookmakers only accept cryptocurrencies or payment via an electronic wallet. If a bookmaker requires payment by bank card and you are not comfortable with this option, you can use an online bank card, like Revolut, whose level of security is optimal.

6. Customer service

It is important to be able to count on efficient customer service, attentive to your requests and if possible speaking your language.

7. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is an undeniable advantage to facilitate your user experience and avoid errors. How are the matches presented and the types of bets classified? Is there a search tool?

8. Promotional offers

Bookmakers are fighting a merciless battle to welcome new customers. This is to your advantage when they offer bonuses and promotions.

It is possible thanks to the technique of matched betting to take advantage of these offers for a guaranteed profit.