How to Work on Elo and Make It Better Continuously


First of all, we must differentiate the types of players that exist. There are those who play when they feel like it because they have a lot of time and decide to spend it playing. And there are those that only have certain moments in the day and feel like investing them in ranked. For this reason, it is very important to take into account the following tips on how to improve your ELO in League of Legends to more fun out of this game and play like a real legend. Here are some tips that you must consider:

Play only when motivated.

I am aware that not everyone has a lot of time and that is why this is dedicated to those people who can afford to play a lot throughout the day. Decide when you are more motivated with a better attitude and wanting to win a game by yourself.

Try not to be affected by lost games, especially those that are lost due to causes completely unrelated to you, such as an AFK connection failure of someone or simply that you have someone in-game who does not want to play/win. They are things that happen but you cannot allow that in addition to losing that game because of the other person, your state of tilt makes you lose the next one

Always play what you have trained.

Create a blog of notes with the 3 best characters you play from the 2 lines you queue in this way, it will not tempt you to play something new in champ select and you will end up regretting the rest of the game. Find the best pick among those 3 depending on the game and play it. Don't makeup, you're not Thomas Edison.

If you can play in a duo, especially in the first ranks, much better. As long as you meet your duo and both of you follow tips 1 and 2. If your premade is tagged in a game, don't let that tag you. As soon as you see that he is in that state of mind, mutate him from the Discord / TS or whatever you use to communicate it and play the next game without him.

Something that works very well for me is to use background music to control emotions, especially between games. If a game goes wrong, play songs or a series or something that will make you return to the optimal mood to continue playing. (Playing with music is fine, as long as the sound of the game does not mutate you since there are many skills and objects that the sound helps you to synchronize them)

If you win or lose a game and you have no idea how it happened, I recommend that you watch the replay. It is one of the most learned ways and you can see how players change depending on the ELO you are uploading. In gold, some calls are followed and it is played in a different way than in bronze, that is why I recommend analyzing it as you go up in order to react to it.

Elo is not something that goes up overnight, it is a slow learning process.

Not by playing 60 games a day you learn more, it is important to rest, exercise, and know-how to disconnect as well. From each game learn something new, you don't have to climb 7 divisions in 1 day, learn and improve. With that, the Elo will come alone.

So, these are the tips that should help you uplift the Elo of your account. If you don't want to wait or spend this huge time, you can opt for League of Legends boosting services. Nowadays, there are plenty of people who purchase such services and get ahead of their friends, and competitors. If you're one giving an instant boost, you must have this service.