Patent Your Idea - Protect An Idea And File For A Patent


There are many great inventors who never saw a penny for their ideas, because they missed to patent their idea in a timely manner and some smart fellow did it before.

Preparing The Patent Application For Your Idea

The first step is to draw up the specifications for the idea from which you can finalize your patent application. This can take a lot of time and money getting this right, it's best to use a professional draughtsman to get the conceptual drawings spot-on.

The Abstract - Explaining Your Idea: Now you are ready to submit the first part of your patent application, known as the 'abstract'. Essentially this outlines how your idea solves a problem.

The Claims - Describing Your Idea: The second part of the application are the 'claims'. The claims form the skeleton of your idea and they explain in simple terms what your idea actually is. It is important to include as many of the details as you can so that your idea is as specific as possible.

This makes it a lot more difficult to copy your idea. While all of this is being done your patent attorney can carry out searches at the different Intellectual Property Offices around the world to check that your idea hadn't been patented before.

It Takes Time To Patent Your Idea!

Applying for a patent can be a drawn-out and lengthy process.

Be aware that any mistakes in your patent application will immediately slow things down further. Especially errors can prove to be very expensive and might even mean you fail to get a patent at all, or that the patent you obtain fails to give you the broad enough protection you need to keep competition away.

It is therefore advisable to seek professional advice from a patent attorney, or at least to thoroughly study the process and make use of prepared forms and step by step guides. You can reach out to InventHelp to make this entire process easier for you. You can read reviews about this company here: and if you want to know how they can help you, just visit this article:

Protect Your Idea In As Many Territories As Possible!

Where does a patent application? Patents are granted for territories, that can be a single country or a region, like i.e. Europe.

Patents are territorial and can only be enforced in the areas for which they're granted. A successful application for a US patent only gives you protection in aa the states of the US.

To stop the exploitation of your invention outside the US you need to file for patents in the countries where you want protection.