Why Has Your Air Conditioning System Professionally Installed?


Air conditioning is a heating and cooling device that can considerably improve the comfort of your house or flat. Popular and increasingly environmentally friendly, air conditioning is taking its place in our homes and helping us through the hot months. This sophisticated appliance uses a refrigerant and requires special know-how. So, come and find out why it's best to have your air conditioning system commissioned by a qualified professional!

What are the advantages of using a professional to install an air conditioning system?

Calling a professional for a new aircon installation Singapore has many human, economic and above all practical advantages! Indeed, by taking the time to contact a craftsman for your work, you are working with a professional from your region. This is an often overlooked, yet human advantage. But this is not the main advantage...

In reality, the installation of an air conditioning system is more complex than it seems and includes the handling of a refrigerant, which is sometimes dangerous. The professional is trained in this installation and offers you the guarantee of a successful installation and above all one that is adapted to your needs. He will install the air conditioning in accordance with the standards in force and will ensure that the appliance is safe and that it will last.

Is this compulsory? What does the law say?

In the law, we find legislation currently in force, that of the environmental code. This stipulates that the handling and commissioning of an air-conditioning unit must be carried out by a professional with specific accreditation. Indeed, he must master the handling of refrigerants to guarantee an optimal installation. When you buy your air conditioning system, manufacturers may require you to present a commissioning invoice. This allows them to ensure that the warranty is fully respected and thus to absolve themselves of any responsibility in the event of problems.

The environmental code is legislation aimed at ensuring the comfort and safety of installations while avoiding the purchase of over-polluting installations. So if you do not have your air conditioning installed by a professional, you will not be able to benefit from the guarantee in the event of equipment failure, not to mention that you have no guarantee as to the safety of the home and its occupants.

What does a technician do for commissioning?

During commissioning by a technician, the professional does not just install and start your air conditioning. In fact, he starts by checking your entire air conditioning system. Whether you are installing a reversible air conditioning system or not, there are checks to be made. The refrigeration technician will then ensure that your appliance complies with the standards in force. In other words, he will ensure the safety and viability of your system, and to do this he will inspect the entire equipment. He will check the wiring, the refrigeration pipes, the delivery space, the height and the positioning of the units.

Then, once the checks are complete, he connects the previously installed refrigerant pipes and pressurises the refrigerant circuit with nitrogen. Then he removes the air and moisture from your pipes using the pipe vacuuming technique. He tops up the gas and adjusts your appliance. Finally, he starts your air conditioning system and explains how it works.

As you can see, air conditioning has become a common system and is synonymous with year-round comfort. By choosing to call on a professional for its installation, you decide to optimise your investment. Indeed, the installation by a professional guarantees optimal comfort and especially the excellent safety of the device.

What you need to remember:

The installation and commissioning of an air conditioning system must be carried out by a specialised technician so that your equipment is guaranteed in the event of a breakdown.

The technician's role is to ensure that the appliance is working properly and that the occupants of the home are safe with the air conditioning.

During commissioning, a full service is carried out, as well as a check of the technical components to ensure that everything is in place.

In addition to his technical knowledge, the installer will be able to teach you how to use your air conditioning system properly.