How to Get the Frontend Developer Job You're Looking for


Like any job search, finding a Frontend developer position can be a difficult task. We were all in that situation, so with this article, we will try to contribute my little grain of sand to achieve the position you are looking for.

There are 3 possibilities why you came to this article:

  • You don't know anything about HTML / CSS and Javascript but you want to get a job.
  • You have a basic understanding of Frontend development but you don't have a job.
  • You are already working as a developer but for some reason, you want to change

If your situation is 1, I recommend you go to w3schools or look for a tutorial/course to start learning. Otherwise, let's see if this article is useful to you.

Create something!

Knowledge has no value unless we put it into practice. ( says Anton Chenov)

Just saying that you know this or that framework or technology will not help you when looking for a job in this area. Put your knowledge into practice. Use that knowledge to build something, some examples: a site for an imaginary company, a simple app, or any product you can imagine. Also, there are many people/companies that always look for new freelancers to complete their projects.

You must post your knowledge or create something that's your expertise. Like, companies can hire a freelance angular developer if they find him/her posting project related to the Angular framework. That's how you can grow your portfolio.

The important thing is that it is something simple and is done in the best possible way.

After you have something done, add it to your resume, describing what frameworks/technologies you used in its creation. And, even better if you already have a portfolio, add it there too!

Your resume should be easy to read

Keep your CV simple, preferably to a single page if you are just starting, do not add things that do not interest. Remember that the recruiters or the Human Resources team of a company can get to receive hundreds of resumes and expect to find interesting things in a first and quick read.

At this point in the selection process, you are not so interested in your hobbies or how much you love what you do.

For everything you add to your resume, ask yourself this question: does this mean something to a recruiter? Keep it minimalist and concise, building a Frontend Developer resume is not just throwing information on a few sheets.

Open source contribution

Collaborating on an open-source project on GitHub will not only look good on your resume, but it will also help you apply your existing knowledge, improve it, and acquire new ones.

Share your knowledge

Write about what you know (or what you have just learned) on platforms like Medium or you can even create your own blog. There will always be someone who benefits from what you share.

And of course, add it to your resume. Remember, you will learn even more about the subject by trying to put it in your own words.

Don't filter your qualities, let the recruiter filter

Do not worry so much about meeting exactly each and every one of the requirements that appear in the job offer description.

I have heard from some developers that they do not send their CV to a company for the simple fact of feeling that they do not have one or two qualities of the 10 that are requested... do not do your filter, that is the job of the recruiter.

Start submitting applications. There will be rejections, of course... but be patient! If you do things right, that email or call that you expect will appear!