The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021?


There are several cryptocurrencies on the market so it is important to choose well: we tell you which ones are at the "top", know them before deciding to buy

As we already know the technology sector is the one that has had the most momentum during the year of the pandemic, and what is going to 2021 does not seem to be different. As far as virtual currency is concerned, there is also an increase in support and confidence in this market. There are many, many virtual currencies that we have access to today.

But how to know which virtual currencies are worth investing in. We present you a list of cryptocurrencies, taking into account above all the evolution and potential of each one.

Investing in cryptocurrency gives you the option of buying or mining it, before deciding you should know which ones compete in the market.

The main cryptocurrencies on the market: the best sellers

Bitcoin: is the cryptocurrency that is setting the tone in the behavior of the rest, it is the most recommended for investment and one of the reasons is its decentralization. It is currently being talked about as the virtual currency with the best future.

If you look at how much is bitcoin worth today, you would be amazed to know that how much far this currency has already reached, and what it could be in the future. Bitcoin is among the best cryptocurrencies that you can choose to invest your money in.

Ethereum: in terms of capitalization we can say that it is the second most important in the market, in previous years it was one of the most profitable currencies. Other currencies based on its technology are Aragon and Stox.

Ripple: or also known as XRP, is among the most popular cryptocurrencies when it comes to investment. It has been around for over 5 years and the transactions are happening up to much faster than Bitcoin, 1,000 per second. 

IOTA: this virtual currency differs from others by leaving aside blockchain technology, which is used by most cryptocurrencies, and is based on Tangle technology, which is more scalable - the ability to adapt to the demand for use - and faster than blockchain.

NEO: they call it the Ethereum of China because it was built by a community in that Asian country. And the Chinese government has announced greater control over this sector and its future may depend on what China decides regarding the cryptocurrency market.

Litecoin: It is also one of the big ones, it was created in 2011 and it is considered that it seeks to reduce the transaction time with respect to bitcoin. Its technical aspect is inspired and resembles Bitcoin, but it was thought for low-value transfers and is generally traded for fiat (faith) money.

Reddcoin: or the RDD is a low-cost currency whose use is limited to social networks, so it is called the social cryptocurrency. It has its own platform and can be used on Twitter and Reddit.

Monero: called the anonymous one, it is a cryptocurrency that cannot be tracked, its priority is privacy and decentralization. It aims to improve the design of other cryptocurrencies by hiding the identity of issuers and receivers, as well as the amount transferred, this is its main strength and what gives it the most value.

More and more companies are accepting cryptocurrencies in the United States, and this means that virtual money is on the right track because it is being considered an asset and a store of value.