How To Buy From A UK Website That Does Not Ship Internationally


On numerous occasions, you may have wanted to buy something from some websites in the United Kingdom, either because they have a much lower price, or because it is a whim that is not available in your country but when you read the shipping conditions you discover that the site does not ship outside the United Kingdom.

Therefore, it is only possible to make the purchase if you report the delivery of the product to a valid address that is within the delivery territory. It is at this point that the purchase is discouraged unless you have a friend living in the United Kingdom to whom you can send the product so that he or she can send it to you staying in the other country. But this is an unlikely alternative.

But don't give up, because there is a solution. It is in this case where you can make use of the parcel forwarding services offered by some companies, which can be contracted through their websites.

How forwarding services work

There are several international shipping services that can help to overcome the restrictions that some online shops in the United Kingdom place, as they do not ship their products to foreign countries.

In this case the international shipping service companies offer their company address, which is located within the United Kingdom, as the shipping address. In this way, the product will be sent from the shop to the re-shipping company that will finally send the product to another specified country.

This type of company usually charges some kind of taxes or fees for their services but they are the only way to ensure that the package passes through customs and therefore arrives at the user's home in another country.

Among the international shipping service companies, we can find very useful for those who are looking to buy from the UK's online stores.

Forwardvia provides your postal address in the United Kingdom to be able to use it in this type of online shop. Afterwards, they take care of sending the purchase to the user's real address in the other country. That forwarded delivery reaches the actual customer within the given delivery that depends upon the courier service that has been assigned or selected during the booking forwarding delivery service.

It offers different plans according to the needs of users, who can choose to pay a monthly fee for cheaper shipping or pay each time a purchase is made. The established rates include shipping costs but do not include the costs that each country may require at customs depending on the value of the product.

In addition, useful for those who are looking to buy from the UK's online stores.

Forwardvia offers free consolidation services with which the company will unite several packages into one and the repackaging that will be paid for separately but which will be worthwhile as the company organises the contents of the package so that it takes up less space and therefore the cost of the shipment is lower.

That's all about how package forwarding services like Forwardvia are useful, and bringing great changes to online shopping around the world.